Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Take a look at the report of the Third Circuit Task Force on Eyewitness Identifications

The Third Circuit Task Force on Eyewitness Identification has issued a comprehensive report that is chock full of information and resources. The Task Force was comprised of a variety of stakeholders, including appellate judges, district court judges, law enforcement officers, professors and researchers, a prosecutor, and a public defender. The task force was charged with making recommendations “to promote reliable practices for eyewitness investigation and to effectively deter unnecessarily suggestive identification procedures, which raise the risk of wrongful conviction.” The report reviews science-based research to identify factors and practices that increase or reduce the likelihood of an erroneous identification. The report then makes best-practice recommendations for all types of identification procedures. The report also makes recommendations for changes to the Third Circuit pattern jury instructions about eyewitness identifications. Take a look at the whole report.

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