Sunday, April 1, 2018

Expungement Day: April 20

Who:         You
What:        Expungement Day
Where:      Topeka
When:       April 20, 2018

The positive effect that the expungement of a criminal record can have on one’s life, as well as on the lives of one’s family members, and the community as a whole, is tried and tested. Old arrest-records or convictions often become formidable barriers for individuals when seeking employment, higher education, or professional licensing, or when scouring for affordable housing options (for themselves and their families). The removal of an old criminal record can therefore be of pivotal importance to many. 

We have previously blogged about Clean Slate Clearinghouse and its wonderful compendium of state-specific expungement resources, including electronic access to Kansas’s expungement application forms. This month we are fortunate to have The Expungement Day Project (a local, pro-bono service built upon the collaborative efforts of community leaders and organizations) take lead in providing assistance to those of us in the community needing to expunge qualifying arrests, convictions, or diversions. 
This means your help is needed and wanted! The Topeka Bar Association is offering a one-hour CLE on April 11, 2018, for attorney and non-attorney volunteers wanting to assist with Expungement Day on April 20. Goodell, Stratton, Edmonds & Palmer is sponsoring the CLE free-of-charge to all Expungement Day volunteers. 

You can register for the CLE here. (Note: registrations are requested by April 4.) And Expungement Day volunteer shifts are available in the morning (sign up here) and in the afternoon (sign up here) on April 20, 2018. 

We hope to see you there! And a big thank you to all who have made this Day possible.

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