Monday, March 6, 2017

Immigration CLE

Our focus on immigration will continue, at least until we have a better sense of the ever-changing landscape. A new travel ban is expected today but, of course, we were told that last week, as well.

The more we know about the intersection of criminal law and immigration law, the better. Everyday, we encounter more questions from clients and their families. How can I apply for asylum? A U-Visa? What's a "credible fear" interview"?

Rekha Sharma-Crawford and Michael Sharma-Crawford are experienced immigration attorneys in Kansas City. Their firm runs The Clinic, a non-profit organization that "provides free or discounted fees for legal services to qualifying individuals in immigration removal proceedings based on income levels and ability to pay."  

The Clinic is offering a two-day Asylum Colloquium on April 20-21, details here or below. Please consider attending, and also consider ways to support the clinic and how to become more involved.

Thanks to Rekha and Michael. 

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