Sunday, January 8, 2017

Kansas Legal Revitalization Conference Feb 1-3

Chief Judge Marten has put together an extraordinary conference slated for the first three days of February in Kansas City, Missouri. His committee has worked more than a year in planning this unique and far-ranging program. Judge Marten describes his vision for this conference:
The committee has recruited an exceptional faculty of lawyers and judges, as well as esteemed academicians, artists, business persons, and activists, not all of whom bring any legal training to the table, but each of whom has the ability to make us think about our work and how we approach it.
Here are just a few examples of the sessions and the speakers:

The Prosecution of the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing, with U.S. Attorney Douglas Jones.

Saving Nelson Mandela, with Kenneth Broun.

Five Broader Questions that 'Making a Murderer' Poses, by Dean Strang.

Forging a More Humane Justice System: The Indispensable Role of Public Defenders in Transforming Our Criminal Justice Culture, Jonathan Rapping of Gideon's Promise.

Police & Community: Section 1983 Litigation, Civilian Oversight, & Implicit Bias, with Judge Nancy Gertner, Judge Julie A. Robinson, and Anne Levinson.

And Dahlia Lithwick from Slate and the Amicus podcast will speak about Law, Religion, and Morality.

Place: Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri.       
Dates: February 1-3, 2017.
Cost: Free

Register here. After January 10, registration for all three days is open to members of the Kansas federal bar. This is a free conference and priceless opportunity. Please direct any questions to Tim O'Brien, Clerk of the Court for the District of Kansas.

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