Friday, December 30, 2016

So you wanted some statistics on Federal supervision . . .

Just this month the DOJ Office of Justice Programs Bureau of Justice Statistics (quite a name!) released their Bulletin on probation and parole in the United States for 2015. This little 25 page report is chock full of numbers. A few interesting statistics from the report:

  1. Of the 21,020 people who were on probation in Kansas, 15,502 completed the probation.
  2. Over 4.5 million people were on supervision at the end of 2015, a slight decrease from the end of 2014.
  3. While it is good to hear that the total number of people on supervision is down (even a little) that reduction is from less people being on probation (avoiding going to prison) and more people being on parole type supervision (after already going to prison).

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