Sunday, November 23, 2014


From First Assistant Federal Defender Kirk Redmond:

The latest installment in a series of moral panics over drugs in America is methamphetamine. Meth is postured as the new crack, pilloried as the most dangerous drug in existence. Not so. Understated advertisement campaigns notwithstanding, methamphetamine is no more insidious than cocaine, heroin, or alcohol.
Scholars have begun to deconstruct the myth of a methamphetamine epidemic. Years ago, a letter from the medical community exploded the notion that a meth addiction is more difficult to treat than an addiction to other drugs. The Sentencing Project has stripped away media hyperbole about a spike in meth use. And most recently, a study from Columbia University has condemned the hyper-caffeinated claims about the harm wrought by methamphetamine, comparing the media hype to what happened with crack cocaine.
Judges are paying attention. In a future post, we will talk about the meth purity guidelines.

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