Monday, September 1, 2014

Overview of Federal Criminal Cases

For the numbers wonks, the US Sentencing Commission just published an overview of federal criminal cases for the fiscal year 2013. This report breaks down the types of cases, reviews offender characteristics, and classifies other data for study. 

Some highlights,

  • Immigration and drug offenses each accounted for just over 31% of federal criminal prosecutions. Weapons offenses were a distant third at about 10%.
  • The number of immigration cases has increased by 58.9 % over the past decade.
  • 51.5 % of all federal offenders were Hispanic, while 23.8 %were White and 20.6 % were Black.
  • Almost 97% pleaded guilty rather than proceeding to trial.
  • Of those 97%, over 46% received below-guideline sentences.
Find the report here.

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