Friday, April 25, 2014

Good Time Credit Could Expand

Amid the hubub over the Smarter Sentencing Act, another bill waiting to be voted on by the Senate might have a significant impact on how much time our clients actually serve.  The Recidivism Reduction and Public Safety Act, which has passed the Judiciary Committee and awaits a vote in the full Senate, would increase available good time credit in several ways.

First, the bill legislatively overrules Barber v. Thomas and makes clear that clients can earn 54 days of good time per year, not 47.

Second, the bill permits clients to earn up to 60 additional days off per year for participating in recidivism reduction or recovery programs. The only catch is that the maximum good time credit reduction available is 30%.  This ceiling on good time reductions includes time off for participating in RDAP.

This bill was voted out of committee on March 6.  We have added a widget to our page to keep track of where we go from here.

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