Sunday, January 24, 2021

Happy New Year!

It's been a long dark winter so far . . . . But we've decided it's time to poke our heads out of hibernation and see what criminal-law reforms may be in store under the new administration.

President Biden has pledged to "take bold action to advance a comprehensive equity agenda to deliver criminal justice reform." To that end, this Tuesday, January 26, is "equity" day on the White House agenda. What does that mean? 

We won't know until Tuesday, but plenty of folks have given the administration plenty of suggestions for reform. We'll keep you posted, especially as to developments directly affecting our clients.

In other fun news, last week the Fifth Circuit told CoreCivic that yes, even CoreCivic is bound by the Trafficking Victims Protection Act not to subject the people in its custody to forced labor. But wait!--CoreCivic complained--if we are human traffickers, then so are all those parents who make their kids do chores. The Fifth Circuit was neither amused nor persuaded. The case now goes back to the district court for further proceedings on the plaintiff's claim that CoreCivic's work programs are not voluntary.

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