Friday, August 14, 2020

The Bus Project

Holistic public defense means, in part, learning about the challenges our clients face every day, and then figuring out how to help. It may be an isolated act or it may involve writing new policy. Or changing the law, as Carl Folsom did for his client. These challenges may have introduced our clients into the criminal legal system. Or keep them trapped in the carceral bureaucracy. We want to help them rise above.

 In our office, we have Google-ish projects. Spend some of your work time on an idea that is not necessarily case-centered, but that will help educate, build, or solve. FPD Investigator Cecilia Wood created her Bus Project. For anyone who has participated in our PovertySimulation (another Google-ish project), you know that transportation is one of the biggest challenges for someone who is poor. Lack of ready transportation makes it difficult to find and keep work. To honor supervised release obligations. To just live.

Cecilia wanted to learn more about what our clients do to just get around town. She described her Bus Project for NPR's En Route. Take a listen. (starts at 3:55).

 As Dan said today, “ride on.”

-- Melody 

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