Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Rest in peace, Al Krieger

Miami criminal defense attorney Albert Krieger. Courtesy photo.Albert Krieger passed away May 14, 2020. For those of us who have been doing this work for a while (decades), we knew Al. A formidable criminal defense attorney in Miami, he was a founding member of the National College of Criminal Defense. He was a generous and humorous teacher. His colorful career included defending John Gotti at his 1992 trial, described in this Miami Herald article, "His cases inspired Hollywood movies. Attorney Albert Krieger has died at 96 in Miami."  

Rick Kammen wrote a beautiful tribute to Al.  Our memory of Al should inspire us to reach out to the next generation of criminal defense attorneys, to commit our time and resources to ensure that they have the opportunity to learn the lessons that Al taught. Rick wrote, "Albert understood and said many times that for each of us, it takes courage to go into the courtroom arena and fight battles, battles against opponents that sometimes are willing to bend the rules:  battles that sometimes seem hopeless." In these Covid-19 times, when many of the battles we fight seem hopeless, let's remember Al's "grace, compassion and courage."

-- Melody, with thanks to Rick Kammen.


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