Monday, November 26, 2018


Yesterday, the federal courts awarded the 2018 Director’s Awards. The awards “recognize outstanding leadership, innovation, and efficiency.” The Outstanding Leadership award went to Betsy Shumaker, the Clerk of Court for the Tenth Circuit. As practitioners in the Tenth Circuit, we can confirm that the award was well deserved. Betsy and her staff do a top-notch job managing the Circuit, and we very much appreciate it. Here’s the full blurb from the Administrative Office:

Elisabeth A. “Betsy” Shumaker, Clerk of Court for the Tenth Circuit, has led national initiatives in such diverse areas as finances and budgets, information technology, staffing formulas, and data governance.
Shumaker chairs the Appellate Clerks Advisory Group, and has served on the Budget and Finance Advisory Council, the Space and Facilities Advisory Council, the Appellate Court and Circuit Offices Work Measurement Steering Group, and the NextGen Project Steering Group and Advisory Board, which provides guidance on an update of the Judiciary’s Case Management/Electronic Case Files system.
“Betsy’s involvement in such a wide variety of important councils, committees and initiatives . . . speaks volumes of her stature as a national leader,” wrote Tenth Circuit Chief Judge Timothy M. Tymkovich in Shumaker’s nominating letter. “Betsy exemplifies the very best qualities of leadership in the federal Judiciary.”
Tymkovich credited Shumaker with leading an almost total conversion from paper to electronic dockets, resulting in greater access to litigants, lawyers and the public.

Congratulations, Betsy!

Posted by Dan Hansmeier on behalf of the Kansas FPD.

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