Thursday, April 13, 2017

Update: National commission on forensic science.

Last year we blogged (somewhat snidely) about a report from the nations leading scientists and engineers that reviewed the current landscape of forensic science. The report was critical of a number of fields from bitemark to fingerprint evidence. And we joked that as a result of the report, prosecutors all over the country were revisiting this landscape to see what changes they could make to account for this report (they did not).

If you think Jeff Sessions appointment as Attorney General would have signaled a positive move to look at the tough issues surrounding forensic evidence today, well, I got nothing for you. According to a statement released by the Justice Department, Sessions will end the Obama enacted National Commission of Forensic Science. While the commission may be gone, their scathing report lives on and hopefully will be cited in more and more motions and opinions as we tried to deal with the flaws in forensic science today. Since the report was moved to the archives after our last post, you can now find it here.

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