Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Issues pending in the 10th Circuit

Want to know if anyone else has ever argued that an Oregon arson is not a violent felony for ACCA purposes? Curious about what a statutory speedy-trial argument might look like? Need to rebut the government's "good faith" argument in response to your suppression motion? Check out the latest Issues Pending document on our website. There you can find summaries of issues currently pending in the Tenth Circuit in direct criminal appeals, as well as in counseled postconviction appeals.

What can you do with this information? Grab the briefs off of PACER to read the arguments; consider staying/continuing your case if the Tenth Circuit is close to deciding a controlling issue; or just browse the issues in a relevant category so you know what to raise and preserve in your own case.

The link to this document used to be on our website's front page. Since we've revamped the website, you have to dig just a wee bit to get to it. From the front page, click on the ATTORNEY RESOURCES tab in the blue ribbon:


Then click on Issues Pending (the text, not the icon) in the lower right corner:

Happy reading!

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