Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Calling all lawyers with CCA-Leavenworth clients past & present

As many readers are aware, last October United States District Court Judge Robinson appointed a Special Master to perform tasks related to intrusions by CCA-Leavenworth and other federal detention facilities into attorney-client communications. These intrusions included providing the government with video recordings of attorney-client meetings at CCA, and audio recordings of attorney-client telephone calls from CCA. Among other things, the Court directed the Special Master to identify and remove privileged communications from recordings and other data turned over to the Court by the government.

On Tuesday, the Special Master filed a report detailing his work to date. Cross-checking available attorney phone numbers against 48,333 individual inmate phone calls, the Special Master has discovered that CCA-Leavenworth provided the government with 204 recordings of calls made to known attorney phone numbers.

This count may not be complete. Just this week, the government "reported that it had just found additional audio recordings, which it has since submitted to the Court." Also, the Special Master may not have all of the phone numbers at which attorneys have taken calls from CCA clients.

If you want to know whether your number is among the 204 recorded phone calls, check out the chart on the last page of the Special Master's report.

If you want to submit your phone number(s) to the Special Master, you may do so as invited in the report:

"Finally, given that there will now be additional analysis of the audio calls, the Special Master issues the following invitation. Any attorney who may have received a telephone call from an inmate at CCA for the purpose of obtaining legal advice is invited to provide me with the telephone numbers those inmates may have called (including the attorney’s direct-dial, home, and cell numbers, if applicable). The Special Master will add these numbers to the inventory of "known attorney telephone numbers" described above. Attorneys wishing to supply these telephone numbers should send them via email to, with the subject line "KATN." The body of the email should include only the attorney’s telephone numbers, and the attorney’s name.

By submitting such an email, the sender is representing that he or she: (1) is an attorney, and (2) may have received telephone calls from inmates at CCA-Leavenworth at the numbers listed, for the purpose of obtaining legal advice. Any person who sends information not meeting these criteria is subject to contempt of court. All telephone numbers submitted will be checked to ensure they belong to the submitting attorney."

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