Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Mr. Hansmeier Goes to Washington

Dan Hansmeier, our appellate chief, argued before the United States Supreme Court today in Nichols v. United States. And we will not jinx it here, but will say that it went well. Dan did an outstanding job. Read it for yourself. The issue was whether a federal sex offender who resides in a foreign country must update his registration in the jurisdiction where he formerly resided. From Dan's argument and the justices' questioning, it would seem that the answer is no.

Dan Hansmeier, Melody Brannon, Paige Nichols, Tim Henry
Dan Hansmeier
Displaying IMG_3697.JPG
Displaying IMG_3697.JPG
Tim Henry, Melody Brannon, Dan Hansmeier, Carl Folsom, Paige Nichols

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