Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Apologies, Requests, and Reminders

First, apologies for recent technical problems. But those should be fixed now.

Second, remember that you can subscribe to this blog through email subscription. Just type your email in the "subscribe by email" box on the right side of the blog. Every time a new blog is posted, you get an email. If you previously signed up, but haven't been receiving emails, please sign up again and hopefully any glitch in the delivery is resolved.

Third, our request: please click through to the actual blog rather than just reading it on email. Not all of the content comes through on the email and you might miss something (like a Ghostbuster's clip). And unless you click through, the blog site doesn't register the user traffic.

And, finally, if anyone would like to guest blog, please let us know.

-- Melody

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