Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Return of Issues Pending

After a brief hiatus (mea culpa), the Issues Pending document has been updated and is back on track. What is the Issues Pending document, you ask? It is a listing by category of all issues currently pending on appeal in criminal cases in the Tenth Circuit. You can open the document by clicking on the link in the middle of the kansasfpd.org home page.

Want to know if anyone else has challenged the classification of a prior Oklahoma failure-to-stop-at-a-roadblock conviction as a crime of violence for career-offender purposes? Click on the bookmark for USSG § 4B1.2, or search for "career-offender" or "roadblock." Use the bookmarks, use the find function, or just poke around randomly to learn what's in store for us from the Tenth Circuit in the near future. You might find the information helpful for issue spotting, or to set up your own case in either the district court or on appeal to take advantage of appellate trends.

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