Sunday, May 3, 2015

School-to-prison pipeline

School-to-prison pipeline. That's actually a recognized term in sociology -- when kids are expelled, suspended, or charged with crimes for in-school infractions that should have been resolved in the Principal's office. These practices, including zero-tolerance policies, disproportionately target children of color.

In this TED Talk, sociologist Alice Goffman explains how some young people are on track for college, and others on track for prison. How young people of color are profiled, policed, ticketed, then spiral down with unpaid fines, warrants, and a fugitive existence. The problems of race cannot
be divided from poverty. Bryan Stevenson, of the Equal Justice Initiative, says that the opposite of poverty is not wealth. It is justice.

This video presents just a few of the challenges our clients faced when they were put on the track to prison, rather than given the support and resources needed to go to college.

TED Talk

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