Thursday, April 2, 2015

Online state resources

There are a number of online resources that may be helpful if you have a client with a pending Kansas state case, prior Kansas convictions, or even something from a surrounding state. Most Kansas attorneys know about these sites, but for those out-of-state attorneys who represent clients with Kansas connections, this may be new information.

For example, you can get a good idea of a client’s prior Kansas state felony record at this KASPER site.  It is not a comprehensive criminal history record, but it includes an online record for anyone who served time in the Kansas Department of Corrections, case tracking info, relevant dates, revocations, parole, and so forth. It is very helpful in figuring out a client’s Kansas criminal history. Again, it is not comprehensive. But it can help you compile a more accurate criminal history for your client.

There are also a few sites where you can look up docket information for Kansas state court cases (sort of the state equivalent of pacer):

1.    Access Kansas gives you the option to pay for district court records for cases throughout the state of Kansas.
2.    For Kansas state court cases in Johnson County, you can get free access to docket information at
3.    For Kansas state court cases in Shawnee County, you can get free access to docket information at
4.    For cases involving appeals in Kansas state appellate courts, you can get free docket information using the appellate case inquiry system at

There are also a few options for neighboring states. For Missouri docket information, you can go to CaseNet. This website will even let you get email notifications if there are new actions in any of the cases you want to monitor. For cases in Oklahoma, you can go to Depending on the county, you might have to look in OSCN records, or in Non-OSCN records. You can also get do an “Offender Lookup” for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections here.

                And of course, if any reader knows of any useful sites in other surrounding states, the information does not have to go one way. Please do not hesitate to post useful information in the comments to this post.

-- Carl Folsom

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