Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Second Chair Program & More on Issues Pending

Second Chair Program:
Applications for the 2015 Second Chair Program are due by February 15. The year-long program will begin March 1 in both Wichita and Kansas City/ Topeka. Inquiries should be sent to

The Second Chair Program is a training and mentoring program for attorneys who want to apply to be on the CJA Panel, but lack the requisite experience. The program is one year, led by the FPD office, and includes guideline workshops and an intensive six-part orientation that covers all phases of a federal criminal case. Each participant will also be assigned to a more experienced mentor attorney to shadow on selected cases. 

Participants should plan to commit from 80 to 120 hours throughout the year. Hourly compensation is provided courtesy of the Bench-Bar Committee.

Issues Pending:

We've made some improvements to our Issues Pending resource, available at our website (direct link here). The Table of Contents now hyperlinks to the body of the document, and we've added page numbers, as well as a list of recently added cases (available at the end of the document). We haven't yet added all issues pending, but we are working on it.
And that is all.

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