Friday, October 4, 2013

We're Not Shut Down

Years ago, we ran another blog concerning issues affecting the defense of federal criminal cases.  That blog slowly withered, so we are starting over here.  We aim to present an active discussion of issues including the sentencing guidelines, substantive criminal law, evidence, the Bureau of Prisons, and developing intersections between technology and the law, with perhaps a dash of neuroscience thrown in.  Your contributors will include Melody Evans, the new Federal Public defender for Kansas, the erudite if wordy Tom Bartee, Kirk Redmond, Tim Henry, Sandy Schnack, and all the guest bloggers we can rope into contributing.

On this page, you can subscribe to receive email updates for new posts.  You can also click through to a number of excellent and active blogs listed under our blog roll.  Contact us with questions, ideas, or comments.

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